Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day One

My First Blog Post. 

So I plan to primarily use this blog as a digital portfolio. But I also like the idea of having a platform to talk about art, show sketches and/or works in progress, and to discuss other artists and inspirations found all over. For the last year and a half I have been working on being more coherent in art making and in my writing. My missions have been starting series, applying myself, and completing ( or working toward completing) them. It was something I never mastered in college, and upon graduating I barely lifted a pen or paintbrush for years. So it has been something of an uphill slog, but one that has been positive overall. So let's get started shall we?

I love bones.

There is something about the color and the texture that just fascinates me. When I began this series I acquired a number of bones through ebay. The initial concept was to incorporate the bones into drawings with nudes. I love the figure, specifically the female figure regardless of age or size, and I find there is something so captivating about a body with a masked face. We humans spend most of our time looking almost exclusively at each other's faces and that is one of the key ways we communicate. Removing the face, the eyes, the expression, completing alters how we understand and perceive of each other. It makes us unable to empathize, and it also makes us vulnerable. I like that. So the early concepts and drawings all dealt with the bones and the figures together. But once on canvas, working in oil, I felt the bones were dynamic and visually interesting enough to go solo. 

The bulk of these paintings are 18x34 and larger. Oil, with some mixed media here and there. 




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