Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ginger Nuts book review of PL

An awesome book review of my novel Parasite Life up on Ginger Nuts of Horror by Tony Jones

Opening excerpt:

“Parasite Life” the debut YA novel from Victoria Dalpe was the most intense and unsettling teen novel I had read for quite some time. The YA vampire sub-genre has been totally played out by the never-ending cycle of brooding blood suckers in the same ilk as Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” and PC Cast’s yawn inducing “House of Night” series.  I’ve studiously avoided most of them. Even the kids grew up and moved on to dystopia. Be rest assured though, “Parasite Life” is as far away from “Twilight” as a vampire novel can possibly be and if, like myself, you haven’t read a vampire novel for a while MAKE IT THIS ONE! Meyer, Cast and Dalpe may well inhabit the same genre, but there the comparisons end and this superb novel rises head and shoulders above the teen horror pack and has more in common with Anne Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire” than YA fiction.

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